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The Contemporary Sociological Global Review - CSGR (eISSN 2027-7431), (eISP 0840.1433.0921) was born open and electronic, without legacy costs such as managing subscriptions and print distribution.

The publication fees are fixed and independent of article page length. If you need assistance, there are many resources and initiatives available. Syllaba Press International Inc. offsets publication expenses – including those of peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving – by charging an Article Processing Charge (APC), to authors, institutions or funders for each article published.

Publication fees are payable upon article acceptance. Fees are subject to change and charged at the applicable rates effective on your submission date.

Has your work been accepted already?

Our platform makes use of open source software wherever possible, and all of our production work is done offshore by a highly-skilled but cost-effective team. We can therefore maintain a down base (APC), around 75% less than others journals. This provides a lower-cost alternative for authors, funders and universities, and means that library and research budgets can go further. Our fees are fully transparent - you can trust us that every penny goes towards providing a high quality, sustainable publishing service, and not towards sky-high publisher profits.

Section APC
Original Research and Reflection Article $ 100 USD
Report or Short Communication $ 100 USD
Translations $ 100 USD
Articles Reviews None
Books Reviews None

Now, this journal no longer covers publication fees (APC) for honorary, visiting and casual staff. If your current institution does not cover Open Access publication fees, then we can offer a discount or full waiver. Please, contact us should you need to discuss waiver options.

To be considered for a waiver you must provide evidence that you are not eligible to receive funding from your institution. Please, ask your institution’s librarian about this.

Note: Editorial decisions are made independently of the ability to pay the (APC).




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